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Entry #17

It's Been a While

2009-10-22 23:09:33 by Europa

As I've probably already stated, I'm in a Video Productions class at my high school. Right now, I am dabbling in Flash animation.

I get to use a tablet in Video Productions, which is awesome because I have been wanting to use one for a long time. I also have access to Adobe Creative Suite. Also a nice detail to this whole ordeal.

Oh, I almost forgot. I made a website. It's just a crap thing on Weebly, but it's something.

In very good news, an amazing new notebook greeted me Tuesday night. It's so pretty I don't even want to use it. I'll probably buy Flash and may even download Steam and repurchase The Orange Box. A tablet may follow.

In other news, Windows 7 came out today. This, of course, means that I no longer have to deal with Vista. Awesome.


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