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Classic Partridge.

Once again you dazzle me with your incredible animation. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Techno Remix's Are Great, Aren't They?

I love how this movie combines your smooth, refined animation, but it's set to a batshit random song in the background.

Your Best Work Yet.

I loved this. I feel that this is a step forward for you in a way, not just technically, but in your maturation as an artist. It looked better, flowed better and most striking of all, you never showed the Exposed Entrepreneur's nudity. I didn't expect that from Oney. thanks for surprising me.

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Lacks A Certain Charm

I'll give you credit: If you're going to emulate, you might as well emulate the best. Mr. Ahh is one of my favorite iPhone apps, and you replicated it here better than I could. That being said, this game lacks the charm of the original and grows old rather quickly.

Just a Few Flaws.

I liked the game, first and foremost. I thought that the controls were reasonably slick and the concept was great. However, it was a bit too challenging for me at some parts. I'd suggest slowing downing the sand, but that's a slippery slope.

A Fun Puzzler

I love the puzzles of this game. It sometimes takes changing your style of thinking to get past the tougher challenges.

I also loved the art style. I like games where the graphics are simple, yet the animation is fluid.

I hope to see more games from you like this one!

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I Love You.

Even if this song wasn't awesome, it would still kick a lot of other songs' asses just because of its title. Great job!

A Nice Collaboration.

I personally like both of your styles of music, and they both compliment one other. The beats were expertly implemented into the piano sections. Overall quite wonderful and entertaining.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Thanks for the review, Europa.


This is still a good song, but the new found techno beat seems to stand in this song's way to the grace of the original. However, altogether, this isn't to bad. I'm still looking forward to whatever the Trance/Dance remix of this song is!

TUNEIT responds:

I cancelled th Trance version, sorry...

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This is just so great to look at. This kind of science fiction thing would be what I could draw better than a sixth grader. This is wonderful.

My Favorite Class.

I love the Spy's devious grin in this picture. Such a good class. There's something primal and fun about being a sneaky son-of-a-bitch.

Betty Boop As She Was Meant To Be Seen.

Honestly, the only reason that that cartoon existed was for Betty's awesome, quaking tits. I like the heart ta tattoo as well. There are nice touches that make drawings better and that was one of them.

"I for one, sir, just don't trust those robots."

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